About Me

Who am I?

I am a near 40, almost 40 – soon to be 40 something woman. I am a citizen of the world. I am passionate about people. I love beautiful places, writing, coffee, good Italian wine, all creatures on this Earth (well, I am not so fund of cockroaches and spiders, do not particularly enjoy bees in my presence and snakes I do not find particularly appealing, but other than that I love animals in whatever shapes and sizes they come in). I am always learning. I am always growing.

I am a mother, a wife, a professional, I am alive and I am human.

I make mistakes. At times. I am right. Sometimes. But I am authentic and I have voice.

I will stay true to myself. I will be honest always.

Why am I here?

Because sharing is caring, they say! I am here to share my experience and my thoughts with you. This blog is dedicated to you all near 40, almost 40, 40 something people who – like me – face this age restless, with doubts and hopes and dreams.

I want to create a sense of community, of belonging somewhere, to a group of like-minded people, who go through the same experiences, maybe handling them in different ways.

If I can inspire at least some of you, than I consider my purpose served.

So: Welcome to my blog! I will be here each week with a story. I hope you will too!

Lots of sunshine to you all!

Near 40 Dana