My thoughts for you on Women’s Day

My thoughts for you on Women’s Day

   Today is the 8 of March and in many parts of the world it is a day dedicated to women. Today we celebrate the International Women’s Day. It is our day. It is the day that we receive flowers and the men in our lives sometimes give us gifts. In some countries even, this day is also called Mother’s Day.

   In our hectic world, filled with violence and stupid wars, with endless political battles, with ideology clashes, today, it only feels right to do something positive for a change.

   Have you ever thought about what difference do you make in peoples lives? You are the first one to wake up in the house, you are the one preparing meals, you clean, you wash, you iron clothes, you go to work, you sometimes forget you are alive, because your working days never end at 5. You are the one that needs to do it all and you are the only one that can. Who can heal the pain of your child better than you can? Who can chase fever away and who wakes up in the middle of the night because the little one cries? Who suffers for them all: for all the times your significant other fails, for all the hard times life is hard on him, for all the tears your child cries? Who always feels their pains? Who always cares?

   Today is the day that we need to acknowledge our own value. Today we should all remember what powerful souls we have, how our hearts are brave and generous because they always give even when they are in pain. Today we need to remember that we MATTER.

   Each of us is a world of opportunities and promises and dreams, each of us is important and unique! We give love and we are LOVE! We give life and we are LIFE!

   Today should be a day for HOPE. Hope for a better future for us all. Hope that one day we will not need a Women’s day to celebrate all that we are!

   So, happy Woman’s Day to all of you!

Until next time, lots of sunshine to you all!

Near 40 Dana

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