Blink of an eye

Blink of an eye

   Years pass in a blink of an eye. Just yesterday, I was a 7 years old girl with long blond hair and inquisitive eyes. I was dreaming of things that were coming in my life, I was anxious and had many questions unanswered.

   Then I blinked and I was suddenly 14, just starting high school, eyes wide opened and heart pounding, scared and feeling so alone in a classroom with other 14 years olds that I did not know.

   Another second later, and I was walking on the immense hallways of the university, almost running, trying to find the amphitheater for my first hour ever as a student.

   I blinked again and I was 25 and getting married, with my beautiful, yellow dress (yes, yellow, white is not me, not me at all!) with my bouquet of roses and a rosy smile.

   One more time and I was in the hospital, holding my little bundle of joy for the first time, happy that he was finally here after our shared 9 months journey; I was staring at that sweet baby face and was so infinitely overjoyed, so overwhelmed with love and so mesmerized by that frail being who was clinging to me instinctively and searching my heartbeat for comfort.

   And, in between those moments, there was a lot of growing up I had to do, there were moments of joy and there were tears. There were many tears, like when my mother died and I felt so lost, so angry and furious … so mad at the world.

   And so many memories … the first time I felt the new life growing inside me, visiting the old town of Prague, the sound of the waves and salted seawater, the fresh air in the mountains, when we were walking down the mountain trail, the taste of apricots and the smell of the freshly baked bread.   All of that seems to be crowded in a blink of an eye. Yet all of that – and more, since it would be impossible to capture it all with words – happened during 40 years – a lifetime or a second in the great scheme of things. All of the above – and all that still remains untold – define who I am today. It is my journey of becoming that I decided to share with you in my blog posts.

This is not literature. This is life, as I understand it.

  Lots of sunshine to you all!

  Near 40 Dana

Live for today

Live for today

   Almost 40 is a time to review and assess your take on life, your why’s and how’s. Almost 40 is the frontier to the rest of your life: now you are truly an accomplished adult – one that has gathered enough experience not to be scared of all the deadlines, meetings, bossy bosses, and life anymore. You have conquered many obstacles and you have been defeated sometimes. You have learned how to climb and you have learned how to fall. But have you learned the biggest lessons of them all? Have you learned how to LIVE?

   Sometimes, much more often than I would like, I find myself wondering where did time fly. It seems like now is Monday, and than, all of the sudden, it is Friday already.

   And, much more often the than I would like, my carefully planned week is going over board and I find myself addressing a completely different list of priorities than I originally scheduled. Just when I am convinced that I am going to have a quiet, more relaxed week, a super urgent – very important Something happens and my entire agenda needs to be rearranged accordingly. This is how I end up on Friday wondering what happened with my plans for the week and where did time fly. So have I really learned how to live? I sometimes doubt that, since all sorts of more or less significant events can overthrow my entire world. Is this happening to anybody else? Am I the only one?

You only live once, but, if you do it right, once is enough.” (Mae West)

How do we live “right”? What is “right”?

   It took me more than two decades to learn that “right” means gratitude and compassion: gratitude for all the good things we have in our lives and compassion for others and … for ourselves, for our own losses, miss happenings and mistakes. Doing it right means having the courage to live for today while building tomorrow. Live in present, always appreciate life and enjoying the journey! Make today beautiful and make it count. Don’t forget your dreams, your aspirations and desires. But do not sacrifice today in the process, as today only happens once. Be grateful for today and all the beautiful moments it brings. Be grateful for today and all the challenges it throws your way.

   Live for today by taking time to breath and enjoying whatever experience comes your way. Live for today by taking the time to do something that gives you joy. Move more. Take a walk on the busy streets of your town or in the park (if you are one of the fortunate people living close to nature – take a hike in the woods or on the beach). Listen to your favourite music and read a book, a blog, a magazine – in other words make your brain happy too).

   Enjoy the food you eat: do not punish your body with fad diets and diet pills that it does not need.

   Call a friend. Tell people in your life that they matter, that they make today beautiful and meaningful.

   Live for today. Love life. Just Love.

   Until next time, lots of sunshine to you all!

Near 40 Dana