I may not be there. Yet.

I may not be there. Yet.

    Decision is a process of mind, which occurs each time you need to set a course in your life and set sail. Decision taken and action – consistent, coherent and yes, sometimes painfully hard. So often we drive our judgment to mimic learned patterns: we all do it! We have been trained – much the same way the monkeys in the circus learn how to play tricks. And after years and years in school, college, university we face the reality: we are not really equipped to decide anything. This is how we end up stressed out, burned out, put to the ground … And it takes years to reverse the process and learn how to really decide. That is if we even become conscious of all of this.

   Because the final decision must come from the heart, not from the mind! Sure, rationalizing is part of the process. Sure, analyzing is in order. But if we do not follow our heart – as it is the heart that seeks happiness, wellness and all that good vibes – than analyzing and rationalizing are not enough.

   Do we fail if we un-decide?

   Because from the perspective of my own up-bringing and education, un-deciding – or, in other words, changing your mind and changing course, is failure and a big fat NO NO.

    I am almost 40 now, and I just recently learned that it is OK to come back to a decision and say: It is not working, it was wrong for me, it is not worth it. Instead I will do this … The idea is to put something in place – the idea is not to annul, but to replace. To add value to your life.

    A while ago, I came across the concept of unschooling, which is an educational method that builds the entire process of education around the child and the child’s own developmental and learning needs. Unschooled kids learn through their day to day life experiences and this means playing, doing house chores, personal interests, travel, books, family, mentors and social interaction. The child himself/herself initiates the activities and leads the process. And by doing so, the adepts of unschooling say, the child will become better prepared to face life, it will have a baggage of knowledge which is practical, based on experiences and not based on memorized, unnecessary stuff. The gifts that God or Nature gave to that child will be amplified. He or she will be an artist, if art is what that child is gifted for or a scientist, if science is what he or she cares about. If a child becomes interested in science, than this is what he or she will choose. Once the path becomes clear, nothing will stop that child to undertake more formal, traditional education.

   Well, I am almost 40, I have two bachelor degrees and I decided to get unschooled. “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood” (Ralph Waldo Emerson).  And there is no formal way to do that: you need to decide and un-decide. You have to live. You have to lose a certain amount of the learned behaviors and you need to be authentic. Lots of sunshine to you all!

Near 40 Dana

Inspiration. The Muse.

Inspiration. The Muse.

   Sometimes life … just happens and the events of the day take us by surprise. And we feel like we do not have the time to take a breath, because this 21st century is all about movement, mechanical devices and engineering, because everything has become too technical, too complex, and we, poor, helpless human beings, are trapped in this world – like flies in the webs of giant spiders. In the middle of this chaotic universe, when everything seems to plot against you, how can we discover something inspiring, something that makes the day easier and, yes, beautiful?

   Inspiration. Some call it Muse. Where and how to find her?

   It is so complicated and yet so very simple. It is hidden and yet it’s in plain sight. It is all around you and yet you seldom do not see it. One Muse is LIFE itself. It is the most important one. Enjoying a blooming tree, smelling the beautiful spring flowers, eating a sweet, perfumed fruit, looking at your beautiful, perfect child, the sunrise, the sunset, the mountains, the see or the ocean, people … Search the world around and search the world within you. This is how the Muse works. And it never fails.

   Life is tough sometimes, it is tough for all of us – we have talked about this in a past blog but it is beautiful, it is surprising, it is all that we have.

   Now and again, it is not easy to find time for listening to the Muse, but for sure, it is worth trying to find those moments of peace and give the Muse a chance to express herself. We all need something inspiring in our life, something that makes us tick, gives us purpose beyond our own existence as man/woman, wife/husband, mother/father, or whatever role we decide to play besides the ones already stated here. The Muse can help you find what you need. For you, it maybe painting, sculpting, playing basketball, having a garden full of flowers … For me, it is writing.

   For years and years, I forgot that writing made me happy, liberated me of all my fears, insecurities and doubts. Writing has healing powers; it gives me comfort and hope. It makes me go deep inside my soul and deep inside my own mind, analyzing feelings and thoughts as they occur. It gives me the power to focus on things that matter the most. I cannot function without writing – weather it is creative writing (like the posts published on this blog) or day to day to do’s, analysis and notes.

   I do have another Muse however. I was passionate about reading ever since I can remember. Books gave me so much! Through books, I had the chance to receive so many hours of pure joy, I have learned so many things, I have seen so many places that I was not able to visit – at least until now, so many experiences and so many dreams! Reading inspires. It inspires you to be better, to reach your full potential, to grow and develop as much as you can. From “The name of the rose” (Umberto Eco) to “Cat’s Cradle” (Kurt Vonnegut), from “Les Miserables” (Victor Hugo) to “Anna Karenina” (Lev Tolstoi), all of them and many more are masterpieces that open your eyes to new dimensions and aspects of the human spirit.

   In recent years, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and all that we call Social Media has gained much importance as source of inspiration. They also claim a piece of action as Muse. There are so many content creators, from all the domains – from lifestyle, to book reviews, from how to achieve a certain thing to travel blogs…. We change, we adapt to this new media. People create in order to become the source of inspiration for others.

   But, whatever your Muse, whatever drives you on this path called life, it is important to remember one thing: we are meant to leave something behind, something that adds value to people’s lives, we are meant to build, not to destroy.

   Until next time, lots of sunshine to you all!