The 10 commandments of Love

The 10 commandments of Love

  1. You shall open your eyes and see the true beauty that lies within each and every creature for they are all perfect and unique.

  2. You shall never forget how love feels for it will teach you not to hate.

  3. You shall give and only at that moment you shall receive.

  4. You shall not lie.

  5. You shall not cheat.

  6. You shall learn to trust and to obey.

  7. You shall be kind and gentle, and yet you shall be strong, for those you love need you to be both.

  8. You shall forgive.

  9. You shall never forget.

  10. You shall let those you love be free – for love is not cage or a prison, but a whole universe ready to be explored.

   Lots of sunshine to you all!

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